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  1. These are all so true Emily! I always feel so much better when I’ve washed my face properly, done a hair mask and relaxed. Holidays and trips are amazing but having the down time afterwards makes them better! I’m needing a new cleanser so I might try the Superdrug one out, thanks for the recommendation!
    Alex x

  2. I’ve always been recommended yoga by various different people and I really need to put it into practice, I love the idea of just searching some stretches on Pinterest – gonna give that a go!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • If you’re looking for some basic stretches Pinterest is the place to go! But there are also loads of videos on youtube if you want more routines! xx

  3. Stretching, deep skincare, and a bath are definitely must-do activities after a long trip!! To be honest, I like to do these things the day/night before I leave as well to prep, and it makes such a huge difference xx


  4. Pamper nights are always my favourite! There’s nothing better than getting back from a long day or trip is to just relax and pamper yourself. I haven’t tried much from the Superdrug skincare range but the hot cloth cleanser sounds amazing! X

  5. reading and doodling is always a must when travelling. I also try and catch up with essay writing if I’m behind Haha.

    Lola Mia x

  6. These are fab ideas for a post-trip pamper! I always kind of just flop when I get home, but the next day I do similar things to what you’ve listed – mainly sheet masks and a good book! 🙂

    Rhianna x

    • Ahh thank you! Oh don’t worry I think most of us dive into bed the first night back haha! x

  7. I’ve never thought of having a post travel pamper but this is such a great idea. My skin is always in need of some extra TLC after a trip so I always grab a mask. Lovely photos! x


  8. I’m exactly the same, the second I’m back from a trip I need my home comforts and my favourite skincare products. I’ve been wanting to try a hot cloth cleanser for so long so going to give this one a go!

  9. Yoga really works a dream. I do it daily anyway, but I’ve decided recently, to do more yoga stretches before getting into bed and I recommend to anyone else who feels tense to stretch it out! Skincare, a little pamper – yes yes yes! Travelling is so dirty, especially in airports and the plane! xxx

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