april roundup

I’ve not rounded up my month in a collection of my faves in a while. Honestly because I’ve had the same skin and makeup routine for about 3 years, and I very rarely buy new clothes or try something new. I think there’s only so many times I can go on about a moisturiser…So for this little April roundup I’m going to take a lifestyle approach with it. I’ve seen these sorts of posts floating around and they’ve become a must ready in my little Sunday blog composition. And I’ve done a lot of listening, watching and reading new things this month. As the suns made more of an appearance I’m more in a mood to dip into new shows or artists. So, with that all being said, here’s my tour d’April.

april roundup


Over the past year I’d say, I’ve grown to love listening to Podcasts as I work. For ages they’d give me flashbacks to my philosophy A level revision, and I’d just see them as some middle aged bloke ramming facts down your ears. But I’ve come to enjoy the sense of conversation whilst I try be productive. Recently, I’ve been listening to the 3 Shots of Tequila podcast, very much off a whim after seeing it advertised on the tube. But if you’re like me and just enjoy listening to some hearty conversation about anything and everything under the sun with no limit. Then this is for you. There’s discussion on music, relationships, current affairs, the lot. Definitely a good one to perk you up on your commute or whilst you’re cleaning the house.

april roundup

A couple of my favourite bloggers, Lizzy (Shot From The Street) and Lindsey (Ropes Of Holland) have also started a new podcast together called Things You Can’t Ask Your Mum. Discussing all things a little personal to us, hence the title. As I’m wiritng this, they’ve only released the first  couple of episodes. But I already know I’m going to enjoy it. And all the laughter and tears are pending. It just has the feeling that you’re having a natter with some pals over a glass of wine.

As for music, there’s lots of new songs I’ve been adding to my playlist, and a lot of old songs I’ve rediscovered (you can check it out here if you so desire). As soon as the sun comes out I have to create the perfect playlist for sitting in the garden or in the middle of a field with some beers and food. That usually consists of some Frank Ocean, Khalid, The Kooks and of course some Jorja Smith. But some new songs/artists I’ve been popping on my playlist consist of Summers Gone by NoMBe, rediscovering the fab RAY BLK and a bit of Billie Martin.

april roundup


I can’t lie, I haven’t been the biggest reader as of late. I’m someone who has to have a reaaally good book to get me hooked and finish the whole thing. And luckily, this month I found just that. I’ve been reading ‘Ordinary People’ by Diana Evans. I remember seeing it raved about on someones’ Instagram so thought I’d give it a go. I won’t give too much away, but the book explores so many different angles from realist romance, race and independence, all laced with small humorous touches. All in all, this is a winner. I think if you enjoy authentic and insightful story-lines this is definitely one for you.

And although I’m not an avid book reader, I do enjoy reading blogs. I love to spend my Sundays, tea and cinnamon bun in hand, musing through my favourite blogs, and finding new ones. My religious reads consist of a bit of Hannah Ivy and WishWishWish. But recently I’ve been making an effort to read a more and more, and I’ve been loving Healthy Twenties’ blog. She’s such a lovely soul, and her writing has such a cosy feeling and leaves me wanting to go on a thousands road trips (and learn to take as amazing photos as hers, that girls got major skills).

I’ve also recently discovered Isabella Thordsen’s blog. And I’ve been reading it non stop. Full of major style and travel inspiration, again with a welcoming writing style and with some fab photography to accompany it. Her blog post about her Easter Weekend in Scotland was the perfect cosy read. Highly recommend giving it a good old binge.


As I’ve been re-watching Jane the Virgin, which if you haven’t watched already you better go do that now. So, I haven’t had a good old binge of a program recently. But I do like to spend some of my weekend evenings tucked under a duvet with a cuppa and a good documentary. Of course, I’ve been watching Our Planet, and of course I think everyone and their dog should watch it. It’s bloody fab.

But another one I’d highly recommend watching is Free Solo. If you don’t know what free soloing is, essentially, it’s rock climbing without ropes (yup.). And this documentary follows a guy working towards climbing a cliff nobody is yet to to. I did rock climbing for a good 3 years, yet I still somewhat resemble something similar to Theresa May dancing – rigid, awkward and not something you’d want to watch. But watching it brings out this adrenaline and energy, without having to leave the house or do much exercise. I honestly believe even if you’re not into climbing, you’d still love this. You can’t comprehend that this is real, and maybe just some crazy action packed film, and yet it is very very real.

Well, that just about sums up my April roundup. What have you been loving this month?

E x


  • Isobel

    Yes to the podcasts! I only discovered them this year thanks to my friend Lizzie! So glad I did too! Such inspiring podcasts out there! Exciting Emails I listen to the most. But I’ll definitely try out the things you can’t tell your mother podcast! I’ve been watching more YouTube videos to be honest which I rarely do! As well as actually giving myself time to sit and read the Blogosphere Magazine aim so behind with them! Loved reading this Em!

    Isobel x

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    • Emilybecca

      Aren’t they great! I go through phases with youtube videos but definitely want to find some new people to watch!

      Thanks gal! x

  • jenna

    Great post! My friends have told me a lot of good things about Jane the Virgin, so I might just have to start watching it… Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

    • Emilybecca

      Yess Jane the Virgins so good, definitely watch it! xx

  • Candice

    I absolutely love Jane the Virgin! I’m also very much into Charmed the original series

    Candice x


  • Lucy Cole

    Love your podcast recommendations! And omg Jane the Virgin is the best right?! It’s so good right now I’m not ready for this to be the last season!

    Lucy | http://www.lucy-cole.co.uk

    • Emilybecca

      Thanks lovely! It’s sooo good, so not ready for it to be over!

  • Francisca Rockey

    Love these kind of posts! It’s nice to get to know your favourite bloggers on a new level, music taste varies person to person and it can say a lot about you as a person too! I LOVE Khalid, Frank Ocean and The Kooks! I’m seeing Khalid at a festival next month, can’t wait!

    Fran | http://www.franciscarockey.co.uk

    • Emilybecca

      Ahh thank you! Thats so true, I’m so nosey I love to see what people are into haha! Yesss gal, and I’m SO jealous have the best time!! x

  • Macey Gloria

    3 Shots of Tequila sounds like it’s another podcast I need to add to the myriad of podcasts subscriptions I’ve already got :’) Jane the Virgin is the best isn’t it?! I wasn’t at all caught up on the new season, and I finally got back on track last week, and oh. my. goodness. My emotions went up, down, and all around haha! I’m dead at your comparison to Theresa May when it comes to your rock climbing form, too funny x


    • Emilybecca

      Yess it’s so good! Its fab I love it, but suchhh an emotional rollarcoaster. Ahaha! x

  • Lucy

    Oooh, 3 Shots of Tequila sounds like a podcast for me – definitely going to add that to my list!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • justnatonya

    First off your blog photography aesthetic is super pretty? Second I wanna read more and Ordinary People sounds like a page turner for me, I like romantic novels. Gonna see if I can find it at a Barnes and Noble near me👌🏾❤️

    Natonya | https:// justnatonya.wordpress.com

    • Emilybecca

      Thank you so much! It’s so good, definitely try get your hands on it if you can! xx

  • glowsteady

    I’ve been really getting into podcasts lately and both of these recommendations sound incredible. I love when they chat about current affairs and you get a few different takes on the issues x


    • Emilybecca

      They’re so good, definitely recommend if you like chatty podcasts! So true! x

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