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  1. Macey Gloria says

    I passed my driving test last month as well, and it was such a weight off of my shoulders as well! Good luck with getting a car, that’s also next for me, but it’s so expensive 🙁 I’d probably celebrate similarly at 21; I’m not a party girl, more of a homebody haha :’) How exciting to be getting a new camera soon!!


  2. Lucy says

    Congratulations on passing your driving test! I passed mine 7 years ago and it was a huge weight off my shoulders for me too, like you, at the time I wasn’t at all confident with driving at that time, but you will gain confidence over time! I’m like you, I have a love/hate relationship with Summer too, if I don’t have any major plans, then Summer stinks! xx

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  3. foreverseptember1 says

    Well done on passing your driving test, such a great achievement. I remember passing mine and pretty much sobbed with relief! Also love the trainers, they look like the perfect staple piece!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. Katerina Jane says

    I love those trainers! They’re perfect. Congratulations on passing your test, I really need to get a move on and start learning, but I live in quite a accessible area, so to keep costs down I’ve been prolonging it for a while, oops! xxx

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