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    • Ahh thank you! Tell me about it I love everything about it, the clothes the candles – I’m so excited xo

    • Ah same! Basically why I did it 😉 I love halloween being in a small village its so cute! I can’t get enough of autumn! x

    • It is SO GOOD! It literally tastes like pear and cinnamon strudel and basically like autumn! It’s from Ahmad teas, they’re stuff it amazing! xx

    • Ahh I’m so glad! Everyone should be excited for autumn 😉 Its such a must! Can’t get enough of it aha! thank you so much! x

    • I get so into it my whole family thinks I’m so weird😂 but I also love spring! The flowers are so pretty and everything’s beginning to blossom! Also Easter!

    • I am enjoying this sunshine! As knowing England we won’t have it for a while after this so we need to cherish it! But I am SO ready for autumn! x

    • I know! At first I thought I was one of a minority but I was wrong aha! Neither until recently, I got so excited when I saw it, thank you lovely! xo

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