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  1. Wow this looks amazing!! I would love to visit Tokyo I’ve heard such amazing things. Great post x

    • It’s such an amazing place, definitely somewhere I think people should go at least once, thank you! x

  2. Oh my gosh the Tokyo Skytree looks incredible. Definitely adding this on my list of places to travel too.


    • Yaaas do it!! It’s so so so worth it, every minute it something new and every street is so different! And the Skytree was incredible!

    • It was crazy! You could see so much, the picture just doesn’t do it justice! Awh thank you lovely! x

    • It’s amazing! The earthquakes are a scary thought but the bigger ones are of a minority, you’ll usually never feel it, there was one when I was out there over night and I didn’t realise until I was told in the morning! Thank you xxx

  3. I’d love to visit Japan, especially Tokyo – it seems so different to anywhere else I’ve travelled to before!

    Mind checking out my latest? It’s a brand collab ft. floral bomber jackets ‘n’ blush pink!

    Alice x

    • Its so unique! There is nothing like it! Definitely visit there!
      Of course lovely I’ll do that now! x

  4. Wow! The view from the Skytree is stunning! Looks like you had a busy few days & the pictures came out gorgeous, thanks for sharing xx

    • It was phenomenal! Aha yep a very busy few days but that was the best way, constantly exploring was so amazing! Thank you, and thank you for reading lovely! xx

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