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    • Yaaas gal same! It’s such a lovely idea for all Christmas loving bloggers, as it makes so many new friendships and just shares the spirit around! x

  1. That’s a great idea!
    I wish I could participate without writing a blog post about it though.

  2. Oh my… This is SUCH a great idea! My only issue is I always worry so much that people won’t like what I get them, but I guess if I can see on social media who the person is, check out their instagram etc that could help! So tempted… Is there a cutoff date? Can’t wait for Christmas… I’ve got songs in my head already which is bad as I have to wait for my birthday first!

    • It really is, such a great way for people to connect! Ahhh don’t worry, I get that too, but you can always add your partner on Twitter or whatever and get to know one another before you buy? I believe there is, I can’t remember exactly but it’s not until November time. Aha as have I, ahhh no way?? Happy birthday for then lovely!!!

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