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    • Aww thank you lovely! Yeah I had it in dutch braids over night then used salt spray!! I love that quote, I’m so glad you liked it!❀️

  1. So much wanderlust here – literally! People forget the term means ‘to love to wander’ and that doesn’t just mean abroad/travelling. Lovely photos and don’t worry about being vain the post is lovely and who doesn’t love taking good photos?!


  2. What a perfect way to spend an autumn day! These few weeks of gorgeous leaves and perfect temperatures are so precious — glad you’re making the most of them!


  3. I live in Yorkshire, (so in the countryside too), and while there are times when I feel out of the city-loop, I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful area. There’s nothing better than having nature at your doorstep! Lovely photos 😊

    • So so true! It’s so lovely and quaint and yes you feel a bit distant, sometimes thats good! Thank youuu x

    • Thank you! Its the best season aha, thank you!! I use a Nikon Coolpix L830, it’s so affordable and such an amazing camera!! Highly recommend xx

  4. I imagine living in the countryside can be rly isolating but it might just be worth it for the scenery, These are gorgeous! This year I’ve kinda realised that I love Autumn just as much as Summer, for very different reasonsπŸ‚

    • I love it and hate it! It’ll be nice to come back to for a bit when I move away! Autumn is just so quaint I love it xo

  5. These photos are gorgeous lovely! You look stunning in them, love how you edited them too! Definitely got the Autumn vibe going!


  6. Your photos are absolutely stunning! It looks like you live in some kind of blissful autumn bubble… You’re so right about fresh air. I work in the city centre and live about fifteen minutes outside it but there are so many parks nearby and I’m never too far from the countryside πŸ™‚



  7. Wow! First off, you’re really beautiful! And I love Autumn, I really wish my electric wheelchair worked long enough so I could go on walks around the park or some place.. I’ve only been able to take pictures of my cats and our trees in the background… I’m really envious of you right now! The photos are gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  8. I love Autumn! It’s the best time of year.. I wish I would have done more posts about it on my blog but it’s been so hot here! Anyway your photos are stunning! LOVE the colors, I just fall leaves! The only thing I appreciate about small-town living

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