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  1. It sounds like you have a really nice and simple way of doing it! I’ve seen some that have been just overwhelming to get your head around! xxx

    • Yesss I like the simplicity of it! I know when I looked at some on Pinterest I’m just like how can you concentrate with so much going on??? Xxx

  2. This is such an interesting post. Bullet journals look fun I just don’t have the time and patience to create it how I want it to look it ahha. Maybe in the future. Pinterest sure is a trap of everything cute and pretty xx
    Sophie’s Spot

    • Thank you! It is rather time consuming as you have to build it all yourself, but I guess that’s a purpose – to sit down and focus on your plans and unwind! Pinterest can be a dangerous place for those things haha! Xx

  3. This was so great! I am trying to start doing a bullet journal and I keep looking at a blank page without knowing what to do! This has definitely got me excited to start mine 🙂 xx

    • ahh thank you! Ahh awesome, it can be hard to know what you want but it’s so forgiving and you’ll find your system eventually, ahh exciting! Xx

    • Aren’t they just! I love it being so simple, when I was planning I wanted to go crazy because I was so excited but then I just made it so clean which I prefer! Nooo I’m sure it wouldn’t lovely!!

    • Ahh yes this us a problem I face too! But it’s nice to take time to focus on your day or to plan. Haha maybe I’ll do one!! x

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