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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost someone, I’ve said a little prayer for you xx. I feel like I’m on the verge of some major blogging inspiration and creativity, but I feel a bit stifled in every way because Autumn is a while away here in California. August-September is always the weirdest time of year for me, I struggle with thriving because it’s not the summer holidays nor is it autumn. Probably just me, but those two seasons are happy times for me & being in between them isn’t ideal haha x

    • Aww thank you! x I feel this 100%, it’s neither one extreme or the other. But there’s only so many transitional content pieces you can do? I’m definitely holding back and not going full out autumn just yet! xx

    • Oh bless you, thank you. That’s a good idea, I might do a little bit at a time! xx

  2. My condolences for your loss 🙁 Thanks for sharing, especially because I know the topics can be hard to share or express your thoughts on. I’m excited for autumn as well. Your photos are gorg! The black & white just adds to it! 👌👌

    • Oh thank you lovely! It means a lot. Autumn is my favourite month I’m so ready, aww thank you! x

  3. I’ve just realised that I wrote a comment yesterday for this post and it hasn’t published!! Anyway… I LOVED this post (as you probably noticed when I decided to do my own!!) and I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired with your blog! You’re doing so well with it and your Instagram is definitely goals so I’m really excited to see what more is to come! I also understand how you’re feeling after losing someone, it is so so difficult but it does get easier, and if you ever need a chat, you know I’m always here! Hope you’re ok Em!

    Amy // http://www.livingwithme.blog

    • Oh bless you its okay! But thank you sooo much, it means the world to me! Much love gal xx

  4. Totally know what you mean when you say you feel like you rush your content sometimes! I often feel like a ‘bad’ blogger for missing a week or two of posting but I’m really trying not to post for the sake of posting anymore and create content that I’m 100% happy with! Also so sorry to hear you lost someone special, my thoughts are with you lovely xx

  5. Sorry to hear of your family member Emily. There’s no real rush to figure out your career so try not to let that get you down xx

  6. I love chatty posts like this, and your pictures looks great! I’m sorry to hear about your loss, it takes a while to come to terms with it all but time is the best healer. Lots of love xx

  7. I’ve just come across your blog and I wanna say how gorgeous you and your photos are! I loved this post and I totally get what you mean about this time of year and having that feeling of having something to go back to. Although I do have uni in September haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Aww thank you so much! That means the world. And I know it’s weird isn’t it! x

  8. I’m so sorry for the loss of your family member!

    I get what you mean with the hair, I’ve kind of made a “pact” with myself that whenever I am really sick of my long hair – I need to be really sick of it though – that I’m just going to cut it super short, like a really really short bob just to see what that’s like!


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