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    • So glad you liked it! And that’s so true, it only take some small things to make a big change! x

  1. The Stacy Dooley documentary was so eye opening, I never realised how much fashion contributed to pollution! Since watching it I’ve gone through a similar process to you when it comes to buying new pieces for my wardrobe x

    • I’ve since made all my family and friends watch it as it’s so scary what our planet goes through just for a pair of jeans! That’s so good and just with us doing these little bits will make such a huge difference! X

    • Thanks gal! Yesss I think it’s definitely something we all need to consider. Oh I haven’t heard about that I’ll go check it out – thanks lovely! X

  2. Loved this post em! I just wish this was more noticed within the fashion industry as it can be so harmful for the environment! I’ve always loved charity shops! I too have recently tried to stop shopping online as much and I’m so glad I have done and now read this post! Keep at it em!

    Isobel x

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    • Thank you so much!! For real, so many big companies don’t speak up on it enough and it does really show their true colours. I find charity shopping quite fun haha! Ahh thanks petal! Xx

  3. I shop at Charity more often than not! I never thought that clothes had such an impact on the environment. I think H&M are also trying to pedal out greener clothes as well so that’s good

    • Yesss we love a charity shop queen! It’s crazy when you look into it, entire bodies of sea and water have disappeared just from companies using it all for manufacturing our clothing. Ahhh that’s so good!! X

  4. I loved this post! I’ve started to become more conscious about how I buy clothes and what items to keep or throw. It’s crazy how much pollution the fashion industry causes. I feel like IG can make you feel like you always need something new in your wardrobe but I don’t think we can keep up with it x


    • Ahh thank you lovely!! It’s crazy isn’t it, does really open your eyes a little. Sooo true, I love blogging but I don’t enjoy the constant feeling that you need to be buying new clothes it’s so dangerous! X

  5. I couldn’t agree more with you! Although its taken me a while to realise just how polluting the fashion world can be, I’m starting to realise it and i’m beginning to take more active steps in contributing less to my fashion pollution. Great post girl!

    Bukola Veronica,

    • Ahh thanks lovely! It’s all about the baby steps, I never knew how dangerous the fashion industry was until a few months back! X

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