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  1. What an awesome post Emily! I’m trying to do the same thing and I’ve also made some of the changes you have. For example I regularly use shampoo bars as well as reusable sanitary towels. I feel like they’re great makes a reall difference to my plastic intake. I have just ordered the Face Halos which are reusable makeup remover cloths so I can’t wait to add that to my sustainable parts of life. I also loved that you included different products which you use and love so other people know where they can start. I can’t wait to see more similar posts from you!
    Alex x

    • Thank you so so much! That’s so good to hear – it does make such a difference for such a small change. Ahh thank you! xx

    • They’re so good – gets a bit of getting used to as it lathers up a bit differently but I love them now! xx

  2. This was such a well thought out post. Very well written! I’ve been working on ways to make my home zero-waste and I love all the products you mentioned in this post! It’s a slow process and it’s definitely a big change but I’m super happy more people are talking about this!

    Amanda – Activated Living

    • Ahh thank you! Aww I’m so glad, it’s all about the small changes so that’s great! Yesss me too xx

    • Yesss you need to try it – takes a bit of getting used to with how it lathers up, but they’re so great, last ages and are perfect for travelling! Thank you, I’m still working on it too but it’s all about those small changes!

  3. This is a great post! I’m ashamed to admit that I never really thought about the impact of cotton wool – I’m definitely going to look into a reusable wipe. That would be five cotton pads a week just from taking make up off, let alone anything else. I’ve never really come across shampoo bars before – I’m intrigued! Love this!

    • Ahh thank you! Don’t be ashamed at all lovely, the reusable cloths are fab!! And just by changing that out you’d be doing so much for the planet – that’s amazing!! Shampoo bars do take some getting used to but I love them now xx

      • I’ve just been looking up the reusable cloths – definitely going to get some, that’s about 12 cotton pads a week saved! Thank you!!

  4. This was really interesting. I often think about reducing plastic waste and beauty is an area I struggle with. I’ve heard a lot about bar shampoos but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s quite a weird concept isn’t it? Sadly one of those reusable cloths took out a chunk of my eyelashes so it’s still cotton pads for me there. I love more eco friendly sanitary products! x


    • I’d love to give some recipes a go too! It’s crazy isn’t it. Thanks lovely! xx

  5. I love love LOVE this post! It’s given me so many idea on how to be as sustainable as I can. Personally, I’m looking to invest in a meustral cup and I’ve actually been using a reusable washcloth to remove my makeup and cleanse. Tbh, any little thing I can do to be more sustainable sounds good to me and this post has given me more ideas!

    Bukola Veronica

    • Ahh thank you lovely! Ahh that’s so good, I love my reusable cloth such a good buy! xx

  6. I love that you’re trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and advocating others to do the same. There are so many alternatives where we don’t need to really go out of the way for. I love that there are reusable makeup removers. Forget having to always use cotton. Thanks for sharing some of these suggestions!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    • Ahh thank you! It’s crazy what small changes we can make to make a huge difference! xx

    • I still use my electric toothbrush, as it is somewhat more sustainable than manual ones. I also think you can get eco friendly toothbrush heads for electric toothbrushes now as well! Shampoo bars are greaaat, I love them xx

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