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  1. My struggle, out of what you listed here, is putting my phone away before bed. I’m good to put it away and then read til I get sleepy, but I feel like I’d be a lot better off if I set it aside at least an hour before I plan to sleep, rather than the last half hour of the day that I spend reading. (If that makes sense??! :”)) I can’t stress enough how much better I feel overall when I’ve achieved my goal of 8 and a half hours–my exercise is more energized, my focus is sharpened, and I feel so so rested. Good luck getting more rest each night!


    • I feel that, with a lot of phones nowadays you can limit how long you go on certain apps or spend on your phone in general and it’s really helped me! So true, ahh thank you lovely xx

    • Oh bless you! You can get bands that help with snoring which might help? Thanks lovely! x

  2. I struggle so much with getting off to sleep – luckily once I’m asleep I will stay asleep for around 8 hours unless I have alarms to try and wake me up. I’ve recently been trying to slow my breathing for 100 breaths when I get into bed and that’s made a huge difference, it’s only been a few days but on the nights that I focus on breathing I find that I’m asleep within 50 breaths.

    • Ahh that’s such a good idea, kind of like counting sheep and meditating – definitely need to give this a go! xx

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